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2009-09-17 15:15:18 by Fluffington

...I'm not happy.



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2009-09-17 18:48:13

Ok, ms pre operational she male, do you want me to cut your cock and balls off for you or will you cooperate and get em out of your brother's ass? And yes stop lettin the pet dog fuck your asshole, its the size of a tunnel, we get it you whore.


2009-09-17 18:49:50

Someone should put you on a leash and take your pet dog's cock outta your ass, oh and take your dick outta your younger brother's mouth its starting to stink.


2009-09-17 18:50:59

I hope somebody busts into your trailor park and wipes out your whole faggot ass family, your mother sucks too many dicks especially since she cut off her own to have you.


2011-01-04 06:44:23

I can has hug?


2011-08-29 20:53:24

Westies, shut the fuck up you faggot. (Old post, but I'm still commenting.)